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The Tour

Rural Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean

16 December 2023 - 27 December 2023

12 days exploring Costa Rica’s most hidden treasures, photographing stunning vistas, immersing yourself in a part of nature that has been completely untouched, as well as discovering the local cuisine with local guides, all off the beaten path and far away from crowds, all included. *


The tour includes accommodation, private transportation, 3 meals a day, daily snacks, and tourism activities.

*NOTE: The tour does not include flights in and out of San Jose nor does it include transportation between the airport and hotel in San Jose on the first or last day.

Do you want to experience Costa Rica with all five senses? Delight in visual and culinary pleasures in the land of “Pura Vida” with a unique tour that will allow you to enjoy the authentic side of this tropical paradise, all while under the guidance of locals. 


Think you’re up for the adventure? On this two-week tour, you’ll have the chance to marvel at tropical birds, sample exquisite fruits, indulge in the finest locally made chocolate, feast your eyes on volcanos, and much more!

BAWO Travels was born from our combined passions for nature, photography, and gastronomy. We offer premium photography and gastronomy tours in Costa Rica. Our tours are an extraordinary way to visit the hidden treasures of this epicurean wonderland, far away from crowds. Not only are these tours unique, but they can also be highly personalized based on travelers’ needs.


For those seeking an exceptional Costa Rican experience, this tour is for you!

During our 12-day tour, local tour guide and resident Samuel Garro will guide you around Costa Rica showing you volcanos, waterfalls, tropical birds, pristine beaches, mountains, and much more. Alongside visiting these visually dazzling sights, you will also have the opportunity to improve your photography skill thanks to the help of published photographer Giovanni Riccò. Over these two weeks, you will sample many Costa Rican delicacies, as well as train to reach editorial-level travel photography.

NOTE: The tour includes everything: accommodation, private transportation, 3 meals a day, daily snacks, tourism activities etc...

The tour does not include flights in and out San Jose, transportation between airport and hotel in San Jose on first and last day


Day 1 - 16th December 2023

The Costa Rican Adventure Begins

Arrival in San Jose - Welcome Cocktails - Team Introduction &  Photography Workshop  - Night in San Jose

You will arrive in San Jose to get settled in and the activities will start in the afternoon. After a presentation of the tour itinerary and an introduction to the other participants, we will jump right into the photography portion by learning the basic functions of a camera.


For expert users, this is a great opportunity to ask anything you might want to know or simply enjoy the beautiful city of San Jose. We will spend the night in San Jose and rest up for the incredible tour.


Day 2 - 17th December 2023

Irazu Volcano & Cheese Experience 

Departure from San Jose - Irazu Volcano - Local Cheese Tasting - Arrival in Turrialba - Night in Turrialba

This day may be the most tiring, but it will be worth the trek! We will leave San Jose by van early in the morning to make it in time to catch the sunrise over the Turrialba Volcano. At this time, we will also have breakfast and put into practice what we learned in our first photography class the night before.


After sunrise, we will visit the Irazu Volcano, its crater, and its vegetation. After lunch, we will visit one of the most important gourmet cheese factories in the country, and then, we will arrive in Turrialba, rural Costa Rica’s hidden gem.


Day 3 - 18th December 2023

Turrialba Volcano & Surroundings

Photography Workshop - Turrialba Volcano & Death Valley - Night in Turrialba

After enjoying a filling Costa Rican breakfast at the hotel, we will have a photography class in their wonderful gardens. There, we will learn to recognize different kinds of cameras and lenses to help you better understand which are best for certain scenes and situations you may come across in our tour.


After lunch, we will visit the active Turrialba Volcano and its Death Valley. We will spend the night in Turrialba.


Day 4 - 19th December 2023

Bird Photography Experience

Visit to the Rancho Naturalista - Bird Watching - Bird Photography - Night in Turrialba

Waking up early might be difficult for many, but not for birds nor the photographers who document them, as early morning is when birds are most active. We will visit the tropical bird sanctuary Rancho Naturalista, explore its garden, and discover everything there is to know about hummingbirds, toucans, tanagers, and the wildlife in Costa Rica.


Thanks to our telescopic photography lenses, we will be able to capture their movements and appreciate their features up-close. After the long day, we will enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Costa Rican coffee on a local farm in Aquiares and visit its historic church. We will spend the night in Turrialba.


Day 5 - 20th December 2023

Chocolate & Hidromiel Workshop 

Chocolate Workshop - Hidro Honey workshop - Night in Turrialba

After those first three busy days, a nice break is well-deserved. In the morning, we will participate in a Chocolate Workshop powered by a famous artisanal chocolate company. In the afternoon, we will visit the surroundings of Turrialba and end the day by tasting an innovative Costa Rican product: Hidromiel, a wine made out of honey.


Also, we will have the opportunity to capture an amazing sunset over the lagunas. We will spend the night in Turrialba and after dinner, there will be a night photography workshop in the gardens of our hotel.


Day 6 - 21th December 2023

Uvita: The Pacific Ocean

Departure to Uvita, Pacific Ocean - Visit to Uvita Beach & Sunset Photography Workshop - Night in Uvita

In the morning, we will leave Turrialba and head to Uvita, which is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Uvita is one of the most hidden beaches in Costa Rica, although it is famous locally for its “Whale Tail” shaped beach, its fantastic whale watching, as well as its stunning sunsets.


After a trip of approximately 5 hours, we arrive in Uvita just in time to enjoy the beach at sunset and experiment with photography techniques that are useful in these situations. We will spend the night in Uvita.


Day 7 - 22th December 2023

Nauyaca Waterfalls & Beach Sunset

Visit Nauyaca Waterfall - Free Afternoon at the beach & Ocean Photography Workshop 

In the morning, we will head to the Nauyaca Waterfalls to witness them in all their splendor. There will be only a few other organized tours here, so we can enjoy waterfalls to the fullest.


This will give us time to appreciate this beautiful spot and, for the bravest, a very memorable swim, as well! In the afternoon, we will go back to Uvita to take in its beach and sample some local food. Also, this will be a great time to review our photography progress. We will spend the night in Uvita.


Day 8 - 23th December 2023

Dolphin & Whale Expedition

Whale & Dolphin Tour  - Departure to San Gerardo de Dota - Hummingbird Garden - Night in San Gerardo de Dota

We believe this might be one of the most beautiful days on the tour. We will start the day taking part in a Dolphin and Whale tour, and of course, we will be able to photograph these majestic creatures in their habitats. After this tour, we will pack up and drive to the inland region of Costa Rica, specifically the scenic San Gerardo.


There, we will visit a hummingbird garden and discover everything there is to know about these incredible birds. We will spend the night in Cerro Buena Vista.


Day 9 - 24th December 2023

Discover Quetzals & Hummingbirds

Quetzals and Hummingbirds Bird Watching - Photography Workshop in Savegre y Sauraceas - Night in San Gerardo 

 One of the most iconic Costa Rican birds is the Quetzal, with its bright colors and elegant plumage. On this morning, we will take some time to discover and document this bird, while also learning about its interesting physiognomy.


In the afternoon, we will visit and photograph the Savegre River, which flows into the Pacific, and the Lauraceas Garden, which is home to many colorful types of flora. We will celebrate Christmas Eve with a special dinner in our hotel in San Gerardo.


Day 10 - 25th December 2023

Christmas & Rural Experience in San Gerardo 

Realxing  Chrismas Day Visiting and Photographing San Gerardo and its Nature - Night in San Gerardo

Positioned at the bottom of the Talamanca Mountain range, San Gerardo and its rainforests, rich biodiversity, and fresh air will offer plenty of natural beauty for us all to enjoy.

Relish in a relaxed Christmas day unlike any other whilst visiting the surrounding nature spots, including the Cerro de la Muerte, the highest point in the Pan-American Highway, and Páramo, a grassy valley with glacial lakes.


On this day, we will also continue chasing down the perfect shot of the famous Quetzal.  We will spend the night in San Gerardo.


Day 11 - 26th December 2023

Coffee Tour & Farewell Dinner

Coffee Experience and Tasting - Departure to San Jose - Night in San Jose

If you are a coffee lover, this day is sure to make your all-time favorites list! On this day, we will visit one of the best coffee estates in the world and start the day by tasting their delicious coffee. Sound like a dream? Well, pinch yourself, because you are wide awake, dear traveler!


This experience will be our way to bid farewell to rural Costa Rica. After which, we will prepare our luggage and head back to San Jose, where we will have our farewell dinner and enjoy the last evening together. We will spend the night in San Jose.


Day 12 - 27th December 2023


Departure Day - We hope you enjoyed the BAWO Travels Experience!

This morning, we will enjoy our final breakfast together at the hotel in San Jose. Goodbyes are never easy but we hope to see you or some of your friends soon on another tour!


We hope that you will be satisfied with level your photography skills have reached by this point, and seen another side of Costa Rica and all it has to offer. ¡Hasta la vista!



5790 $ (USD) / person

Our tour only admits the all-included policy. The price includes 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), transportation, and accommodation. Also, the price includes all activities mentioned above, such as tours and tickets for national parks. Furthermore, the price includes the tour guide’s fee and photography workshop fees.

NOTE: This does not include flights in and out of San Jose, breakfast and lunch on the first day, lunch and dinner on the last day, alcoholic beverages, international insurance, or private health insurance.

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