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The Taste of
Costa Rica

Welcome to the land of

Coffee, Sugar and Chocolate

October 21st - 28th, 2023

Are you ready to live one of most exciting gastronomic experiences od your life?

Join us on an extraordinary adventure as we explore the captivating world of chocolate, sugar and coffee during our exclusive tour from October 21st to October 28th, 2023.


This carefully curated journey will take you on a sensory exploration of Costa Rica's most cherished treasures.

During the tour, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating process of coffee production. Spend a day at the picturesque coffee plantations, where you'll learn about the cultivation, harvesting, and roasting techniques that create Costa Rica's renowned coffee beans.


 Engage with passionate coffee farmers and gain insight into their traditions and expertise.

Indulge your taste buds in the delectable realm of cocoa and chocolate on another dedicated day. Discover the secrets behind the chocolate-making process as you visit local cacao farms and witness the artistry of transforming beans into heavenly delights.


Engage in hands-on chocolate-making workshops and relish in the sheer pleasure of tasting the rich, velvety flavors.

Venture into the heart of Costa Rica's agricultural heritage with a day dedicated to sugar cane and sugar production.


Uncover the age-old methods of extracting sweet nectar from sugar cane and observe the intricate process of converting it into various forms, including traditional sugar products and artisanal treats.

About Us

After immersing yourself in the captivating world of chocolate, coffee, and sugar, unwind and soak up the sun on the breathtaking beaches of Costa Rica. Relax, rejuvenate, and bask in the stunning coastal scenery, while reflecting on the remarkable experiences and flavors you've encountered.

This small-group tour is designed for intimate gatherings, fostering a personalized and immersive experience.


Our knowledgeable guides will accompany you throughout the journey, providing valuable insights and ensuring your every need is met.

Our Upcoming Tour

October 21st - 28th, 2023

Day 1: Arrival in Costa Rica

Welcome to Costa Rica! Your journey begins with an exciting arrival in San Jose. Our team will be there to ensure that your first day started in the best way, we will have a welcome dinner where we will meet our new adventure companions


Day 2: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Get ready to immerse yourself in the  world of coffee as we venture into the picturesque in the Zona de los Los Santos. This region is famous for its exceptional coffee of high quality beautiful plantations and breathtaking landscapes. 


​We'll start the day with a scenic drive through the verdant hills and valleys, where coffee farms dot the landscape. Feel the crisp mountain air and take in the panoramic views that surround you. 


Upon reaching the coffee plantations, you'll have the opportunity to meet and live with your own hands the process to growing and pick-in coffe. 


We gonna have the opportunity to prepare and create with the help of profesional barista our own profesional cupping of coffee in the beautiful Cafetería of Dota. 


After a day filled with the enchantment in the La Zona de los Santos, we will retreat to a unique hotel nestled in the heart of the rainforest.


Day 3: Sweet Tuiralba - history of sugar cane production

we will embark on a fascinating journey to explore the rich history and traditional sugar cane production in the captivating region of Turrialba. Get ready to delve into the world of sugar and witness the age-old process of transforming sugar cane into various sweet delights. ​

We'll visit local sugar cane farms, where generations of farmers have cultivated this versatile crop. Engage with the farmers and learn about their time-honored techniques for growing and harvesting sugar cane. Discover the significance of this plant in Costa Rican culture and the integral role it has played in the country's history. 

Witness the artisiam process to extract the sweet nectar from the sugar cane stalks. Observe the meticulous process as the cane is crushed, releasing its sugary juices. 


You'll witness the transformation of the cane juice into raw sugar through a traditional process with local families.


Day 4: Cocoa & Chocolate

Day 4 is dedicated to the captivating world of cocoa and chocolate as we journey to a farm nestled between Turrialba and the Caribbean coast.

We'll embark on a guided tour through the farm, where you'll learn about the cultivation and harvesting of cocoa. Engage with the knowledgeable farmers, who will share their expertise and passion for this remarkable crop. Discover the intricate methods used to grow and nurture the cocoa trees, ensuring the highest quality beans.

The highlight of the day awaits as we explore the art of chocolate-making. Engage in interactive workshops, where you'll have the opportunity to participate in every step of the process. From grinding the cocoa nibs to tempering and molding the chocolate, you'll experience the true essence of artisanal chocolate production.

Day 5: Chill & Chocolate 

relax in the hotel gardens, walking through its trails or enjoying the pool, this day we will have the morning free for those who want to rest or if what you are looking for is an adventure day at the hotel we will have extra activates for you like: horseback riding, tubing or rafting.


In the afternoon our expert chocolatiers have prepared a second chocolate workshop for us in which we will learn how to temper chocolates and make our own chocolate bars and bonbons.


Day 6: To the Beach

We'll explore the enchanting Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, renowned for its stunning beaches and abundant wildlife. Our itinerary includes a visit to a sloth sanctuary, where rescued sloths find solace and care.



This sanctuary plays a crucial role in protecting and rehabilitating these adorable creatures. At the sanctuary, you'll have the incredible opportunity to observe sloths up close and learn about their unique behaviors and habitat. The dedicated staff will provide fascinating insights into their lives and the conservation efforts in place to safeguard their future. 




After our visit to the sanctuary, we'll continue our way to our hotel to enjoy the afternoon in the paradisiacals caribbean beaches .

Day 7: El Caribe, Cahuita

We'll venture into the breathtaking Cahuita National Park, a true gem of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. This pristine park encompasses both land and marine areas, offering a diverse range of natural wonders to explore.


We gonna make a little hike where you will be able to see differents kind of monkeys, coatis, sloth and birds.


Day 8: enjoy the white sand beach

We are going to take advantage of our last day in the Caribbean to take a short walk and visit the Manzanillo beach viewpoint and enjoy the last minutes on the beach, before returning to the hotel to get ready for our return trip to San Jose and have our farewell dinner

Day 9: Hasta Pronto!

it's time to say goodbye as we conclude our memorable journey together. After a delightful breakfast, we bid farewell with hearts filled with gratitude and cherished memories.


We hope that your time spent exploring the wonders of Costa Rica on our tour has been everything you hoped for and more. We trust that the experiences, sights, and flavors you encountered during our adventure will remain with you long after you've departed.


Thank you for choosing us as your travel companions, and we sincerely hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Safe travels, and may your adventures continue to be filled with joy and discovery.


Erin Andrews & Samuel Garro

Guides and Chocolate Makers 

Hello, we are Erin and Samuel, we love our jobs, we have both founded bean to bar chocolate companies, indi chocolate and Bawo Chocolates, respectively. With our projects we always look for ways to positively impact the community, so we have developed this special tour for you. We will immerse ourselves in the world of coffee, sugar and chocolate, learning the entire process from the beginning, while at the same time we will be helping local families.



3500 $ (USD) / person

Early Bid 3000 $ (USD) / person (Until August 1th 2023)

The price includes 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), transportation, and accommodation. Also, the price includes all activities mentioned above, such as tours and tickets for national parks. Furthermore, the price includes the tour guide’s fee and cocoa and chocolate workshop fees.



NOTE: This does not include flights in and out of San Jose, breakfast and lunch on the first day, lunch and dinner on the last day, alcoholic beverages, international insurance, or private health insurance, extra activities on free days



NOTE: Double acomodation only

Standard Pricing        $3,500.00                    




Early Bird Pricing        $3,000.00    June 9 - August 31    Put down the full amount            

            Fully refundable until August 31, 2021.                


Deposit to Secure Space        $1,000.00    Minimum deposit $1,000 with rest of the depoist due to Sept 1, 2023                

            If remaining balance not received by Sept 2, 2023, $500 is non-refundable                


Refund Policy             Fully refundable until August 31, 2021                

            As of September 1, 2023 $500 is non-refundable                

            As of September 12, 2023 $1,000 is non-refundable                

            As of October 1, 2023 $2,000 is non-refundable                

            As of October 15, 2023 $2,500 is non-refundable                

            No refunds after October 16, 2023, unless trip is canceled and full amount is refunded                             



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