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Day 6 - 21th December 2023

Uvita: The Pacific Ocean

Departure to Uvita, Pacific Ocean - Visit to Uvita Beach & Sunset Photography Workshop - Night in Uvita

In the morning, we will leave Turrialba and head to Uvita, which is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Uvita is one of the most hidden beaches in Costa Rica, although it is famous locally for its “Whale Tail” shaped beach, its fantastic whale watching, as well as its stunning sunsets.


After a trip of approximately 5 hours, we arrive in Uvita just in time to enjoy the beach at sunset and experiment with photography techniques that are useful in these situations. We will spend the night in Uvita.

After the gastronomy day, the photography tour can continue with a transfer to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The journey from Turrialba to Uvita can take several hours, but it can be an opportunity to capture images of the stunning landscapes and scenery along the way.

Upon arrival in Uvita, the group can check into their hotel and prepare for a sunset photography session.

Uvita is a coastal town located on the Pacific Ocean, and its stunning beaches and natural surroundings provide ample opportunities for photography.

The sunset photography session can take place on the beach, capturing the warm light and colors of the sunset over the ocean. The group can experiment with different camera settings and techniques, such as long exposures or silhouettes, to create unique and memorable images.

The hotel may also have its own gardens or scenic viewpoints, providing additional opportunities for photography during the sunset session. 


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Scheduling a video call with us is the fastest way to answer your questions and discover more details about out tour. 

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