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Day 5 - 20th December 2023

Chocolate & Hidromiel Worksho

Chocolate Workshop - Hidro Honey workshop - Night in Turrialba

After those first three busy days, a nice break is well-deserved. In the morning, we will participate in a Chocolate Workshop powered by a famous artisanal chocolate company. In the afternoon, we will visit the surroundings of Turrialba and end the day by tasting an innovative Costa Rican product: Hidromiel, a wine made out of honey.


Also, we will have the opportunity to capture an amazing sunset over the lagunas. We will spend the night in Turrialba and after dinner, there will be a night photography workshop in the gardens of our hotel.

The photography tour can continue with a gastronomy day, providing the opportunity to learn about some of Costa Rica's unique and delicious food experiences.

The morning will be spent at a chocolate workshop, where the group can learn about the history and production of chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the final product. The workshop will include hands-on activities such as grinding cocoa beans, making chocolate bars, and tasting different types of chocolate.

After the chocolate workshop, the group can continue the gastronomy day with an afternoon "Hydro Honey" experience. This experience involves visiting a local farmers and learning about the process of honey to produce one of the oldest although not so famous drink: Hydro Honey.


The farm is located in a beautiful forested area, providing ample opportunities for photography.

The gastronomy day provides a unique opportunity to learn about and capture images of the diverse and delicious food culture of Costa Rica, as well as the beautiful natural surroundings that make it all possible.


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