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Day 12 - 27th December 2023


Departure Day - We hope you enjoyed the BAWO Travels Experience!

This morning, we will enjoy our final breakfast together at the hotel in San Jose. Goodbyes are never easy but we hope to see you or some of your friends soon on another tour!


We hope that you will be satisfied with level your photography skills have reached by this point, and seen another side of Costa Rica and all it has to offer. ¡Hasta la vista!

The photography tour has been an unforgettable journey of exploration, learning, and creativity.


The group has experienced the stunning landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and rich culture of Costa Rica, while improving their photography skills and capturing breathtaking images along the way.


As the group departs, we can look back on ourr time in Costa Rica with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.


Let's talk!

If you have arrived until here you might would like to receive more information about the tour, such as hotel names, restaurants, insurances etc.. 

Scheduling a video call with us is the fastest way to answer your questions and discover more details about out tour. 

We are looking forward to receiving your video call request!

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