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Meet the team


Samuel Garro

Costa Rican Tour Guide and Entrepreneur

As a certified tour guide, I will show you several stunning nature spots and points of interest my country has to offer, so be prepared to have your breath taken away. Find out more about me on the About page!

Samuel Garro Mora is a Costa Rican tour guide and entrepreneur. He was born and grew up in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Samuel graduated with a Bachelor’s in International Trade & Business from the Universidad Nacional (UNA) in Heredia, Costa Rica.


Later, he lived and worked in Santa Ana, Costa Rica before deciding to take the leap into entrepreneurship with his own gourmet chocolate company, Báwö Chocolates. His company crafts chocolate from fine aromatic cacao that originates in different regions of Costa Rica, and soon began hosting cacao and chocolate tastings.


This led Samuel to become certified as an official tour guide by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.


Since then, he has worked in various areas of tourism, including tastings and gastronomy experiences with ClickUp, an initiative that supports the development of sustainable tourism and innovation in Uruguay and Costa Rica.


Giovanni Riccò

Professional Photographer and Creative Director

As a professional photographer, my goal is to teach you how to use your camera and improve your photography skills, all while exploring the Costa Rican countryside. Find out more about me on the About page!

Giovanni Riccò is an Italian professional photographer with experience in commercial, documentary, and editorial photography. He was born and raised in Modena, Italy where he first began to experiment with this visual medium.


Giovanni graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Libera Accademia di Belle Arte (LABA) in Rimini, Italy. Later, he went on to pursue a course in Professional Photography in Paris, France.


His work has been featured in National Geographic and his pictures have been exhibited in New York, Rome, Milan, and Barcelona among others.


Giovanni’s first photobook toured art fairs in various cities including Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Melbourne.


Alongside his photography career, Giovanni has been managing a photography coworking space in Valencia, Spain since 2018.


Why Choosing Us

BAWO Travels is a sustainable and locally-operated tour company that supports local businesses and holds nature in the highest regard. Our tours are founded on respect and love for Costa Rican traditions and its environment.


We love sharing our passions and the beauty of Costa Rica with the rest of the world!



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